A chat with model Sam Aotaki

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Hi Sam, when did you decide to become a model?
I went to an arts school so my friends who were in photography always wanted me to do shoot for practice, then as I got older, more into high school, I started looking up to people like Raquel Reed and Mosh, and decided that I wanted to show beauty through another light, like they did.

What influences your work?
I’ve grown up around a lot of lingerie because my mom owns a lingerie company, so clothes and lingerie really take a big part in modelling a shoot and a look together.

Any model inspirations?
Music is what always inspires me to do shoots, usually how a song makes me feel or move can help with coming up with new concepts.

What is the most challenging part about working as a model?
Looking good! Trust me if I wasn’t in front of a camera everyday, I’d eat whatever I want, watching your weight, keeping your skin clear, keeping your hair healthy is really important and really hard sometimes.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Any with a new innovative mind

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in a shoot?
Hmmm nothing too insane has happened on a shoot, there was once I was on this balcony in Downtown Los Angeles, and we got locked out of the studio by accident not realizing the door locks itself, so I was stuck on this balcony, in a leotard, in heels like so awkwardly and I was only on the second floor too.

What does art mean for you?
Art is something that literally changes your life, your way of thinking or simply just the image in your mind that sticks with you forever.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
In your favorite movie!