Small Talk with Ivo Lázaro

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In a few words -or sentences-, how would you describe your work
Most of all my work is sexy and sometimes sexual. I love to shoot women. They are beautiful and complicated. When I shoot them they become simple and they give me everything they want about themselves. Then when they see the final photos, most of the times they don’t even believe what they’re seeing. It’s funny as I shoot a lot of new girls that never shot before so it has a huge impact. My work is real and natural, kinda raw too. I shoot digital but I love film, so I almost don’t use post production., trying to get the final image as natural as possible.

You almost always shoot at the same place. Any reason ?
I do shoot in other places too but most of my work is part of my personal project called Girls in my Bedroom. It is really in my own bedroom and it’s funny to see how light performs during the year and how I can use the same place with different girls in different ways.

What other artists inspire you?
Many of them inspires me. From the classics to the new ones. Just to say a few I love Mario Testino’s work, Peter Lindbergh, Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller… Then some not so known ones as Larsen Sotelo, Danny Steezy, Cameron Davis…

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in a shoot ?
Well, maybe once when the model started to drink as she was shy and then I drunk with her too… It was 5pm and we were both drunk shooting. The funny thing is that we did one of my favorite photographs ever till now…

What does art mean for you ?
Art means everything to me. It’s what I live and what I consume for living. It has so many answers and so many questions without answer. I don’t even try to understand it, just feel it as part of me.

Your favorite movie ?
Blow Up really inspired me. It’s not that kind of movies that you can say it is “my favorite” but it was special for me. Then I loved Taxidermia, an hungarian movie! It is really fucked up!

Something you’re still learning?
Learning everyday. Specially when you are in such a small country as I am. I try to learn how to show to people that shooting undressed girls is nothing bad. There’s nothing wrong about showing a naked body! I doesn’t define who you are so I whish more people could learn that too.

And finally… Wine or beer ?
Vodka, for sure…